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About Nabucco Capital


Nabucco Capital, formed in 2011, is the brainchild of Charles Kahan and Jeanine Bistogiannaki. The pair identified a need in the market for investment into Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) when private equity firms became more prevalent and investment opportunities in the sector burgeoned. They exposed opportunities to SME owners that required either a capital injection in their business, a Broad-black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) equity stake, to release their personal wealth tied in their company or create succession planning on retirement. Conversely, Nabucco Capital also exposed opportunities to investors to either diversify their business offering, bolster their current portfolio or invest in a business that can further grow and prosper to deliver returns.

Current position

Harold Magid and Jack Edery joined the company in 2017 and 2018 respectively, further boosting the business with a wealth of business skills and experience. The company has grown to become a powerful yet niche boutique business with a consultative service that underpins leveraging transaction origination opportunities for the buyer, investor and seller at a uniquely structured and affordable fee.

Nabucco Capital distinguishes itself from competitors through its small yet professional team that focuses on individual opportunities with a nurturing approach, allowing businesses (buyers, investors and sellers) to leave the complexities of these transactions to the experts. Importantly, Nabucco Capital’s costings are built on sliding scale percentages based on the selling price of the business, rather than the ‘big fees’ usually charged by large institutions. Furthermore, the business focuses solely on transaction origination and listings, providing the in-depth expertise, experience and knowledge that is not diluted through other services.

The company also works with accounting firms and offers an introductory fee for successful transactions.

Proven track record

Nabucco Capital is on the panel of a number of large private equity companies, namely RMB Corvest, Medu Capital, Vantage Capital, Sanlam Private Equity Base Capital, Espire Capital, Westbrooke Funds, Clarity Group, Kisby Fund, Value Capital Partners and Evolve Capital and has facilitated some impressive acquisitions, investments and listings. These include the sale of Sorbet to Brian Joffe’s Long4Life listed company, the sale of Rivonia Hardware and Mega Mica Store to Massmart and the sale of Universal Coatings to Medu Capital Private Equity to mention a few.

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