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Buying or investing

Private equity businesses on the ‘look out’ for investment opportunities face the challenge of finding the right SME business to acquire or invest in that will deliver a return on investment.  So too do established companies that may require a bolt on acquisition, diversification into a new industry, enhance their existing offering or simply expand their business.

Nabucco Capital leverage their networks to find the right ‘fit’ for your business and not only source potential companies for investment purposes, but also handle the processes from beginning to end, taking responsibility for the onerous elements.

In addition, Nabucco Capital assists to bolster SMEs with Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), a goal of all companies that are committed to transformation and economic equity for previously disadvantaged race groups.  Having existing relationships and contacts with black-owned investment groups is one of Nabucco Capital’s advantages and the company facilitates the transaction from start to finish, freeing up their clients to focus on their core business. 

Raising Capital

SMEs often struggle to weather difficult market conditions and may require capital to see them through challenging times. Having a company that either provides loans or invests with a capital injection can be a lifeline for smaller business. Nabucco Capital understands these issues and connects SMEs with companies that can provide this assistance to steer the business back to a successful and sustainable operation.

Selling a business or attracting investors

Owners of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sell their business for a variety of reasons. For example, a business owner may want to retire and unlock their wealth. Selling the business will release the capital that is a result of their investment and work in the business. This also falls in-line with creating an exit strategy for the owner and succession planning. On the other hand, a SME may want to dilute the risk in the business, transform the company through Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) equity or simply to bolster the organisation financially.
Nabucco Capital understands the reasons why SMEs will want to either sell their business or attract investors and is able to assist through a personalised service that takes all the elements into consideration, including emotional ties. The company navigates the processes for you with the utmost sensitivity and handles the complicated issues, simplifying the journey.


When a SME reaches a point where listing on a stock exchange is necessary in order to raise capital and increase organisational value, it can throw a business into turmoil due to the processes, administration and compliance procedures that need to be followed. This can result in these businesses shifting their focus from their core business in order to complete the transaction.
Nabucco Capital’s team of commercial and financial experts that have over a decade of experience in this field ease the burden of the processes and remove the flummox that is faced with these initiatives. They phrase ‘it’s all in the details’ is most apt with listings and SMEs can benefit from a company that guides them on their journey of growth.

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